What’s The Right Tower Crane For YOUR Project? Five Key Factors Can Help You Decide.

August 2, 2023

Construction projects are complicated. And bigger projects are even more complex.

So efficiency is vital – to ensure productivity, limit costs and increase safety.

Choosing the right tower crane for your construction project is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. The wrong decision can turn a good project bad – very quickly.

But how do you choose the right tower crane? Here are five key factors to consider.

What are you building? 

The nature of the project and the type of structure will define your tower crane choice.

For example, projects using steel and lumber will have different weight and lifting requirements to projects using concrete.  Always ensure your tower crane capacity is right for the materials and loads being lifted – as overloading a tower crane can lead to project delays and hazardous situations.

How will you erect and dismantle your tower crane?

Erecting and dismantling your crane will impact the overall efficiency of the project.

If your worksite has limited access or space constraints, a unique workaround may have to be considered. Adjacent roads may need to be closed to allow for a mobile crane to dismantle the tower crane if necessary.

Where will your tower crane be placed?

Deciding the best location for the tower crane is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make – because the position will affect its reach and ability to move materials around the site.

Planning the layout of the construction area to identify potential hazards that may hinder the tower crane’s operation will pay dividends in the future.

Soil type will also play an important role in choosing your location, and may impact whether an anchor or cross base will be needed. Selecting the optimal location will maximize productivity and reduce downtime.

 How high and how long?

Every construction project is different, but one element is always crucial – the vertical reach required to lift the material to the desired height.

Also, you will need to account for any structures or obstacles that may interfere with the tower crane’s overswing, while your local aviation authority must be contacted to ensure there is no conflict with flight paths.

Proper planning in this regard – and the right tower crane – will prevent potential collisions and ensure a safer construction environment.

What’s your Tower Crane Climbing Limit?

If your project demands a substantial height for the tower crane, you must be aware that tower cranes have limitations to their freestanding height. Beyond a certain height, the tower crane may need to be climbed to achieve the increased height required. Climbing a tower crane involves a high level of engineering potentially involving tying in the tower crane to the building and safety measures which come with it, and as such is crucial to factor into your selection process.


Your construction project is important – and your choice of tower crane can be one of the vital factors in your project’s success.

That’s where Stafford Soima comes in.

We have every type of tower crane. And we have the expertise to help you choose the right one for YOUR project.

So really the choice of tower crane is a simple one. Make it a Stafford Soima tower crane.


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What’s The Right Tower Crane For YOUR Project? Five Key Factors Can Help You Decide.

Construction projects are complicated. And bigger projects are even more complex. So efficiency is v

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